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Procedure Number of Visit Number of Appointment
Bleaching 3 Days 1
Procedure Time Anaesthetic Type Recovery Time
1 Day(s) Not Need 1 Hour(s)

In teeth whitening, as the stains that penetrate the structure of the teeth for various reasons are removed, the teeth become lighter in color than the previous tone. The natural color of teeth darken over time. This discoloration can be eliminated by tartar cleaning and polishing. However, it is possible to remove the residual stains or to enlighten the color of the teeth by adding extra tones. Instead of porcelain, whitening which is a more preservative method is used and at the end of this process the teeth become eight to ten tones lighter.

Bleaching with a zoom system

During our lifespan the teeth are exposed to chemical and physical impacts. Due to this, the surface color of the teeth change and bacterial plaque is formed resulting in decay and tooth loss. The bacterial plaque forms an unfavorable appearance.

Many people observe the loss of color and brightness on their teeth. Although they brush their teeth, it is not possible to remove the bacterial plaque formed on the surface. The causes for this formation are coffee, genetic factors and smoking. This condition is utterly important.

There are some rules in the modern world and a healthy and beautiful smile is a very important part of the total appearance. Teeth care should never be neglected. How can we enhance the appearance of our teeth? In every international region various whitening methods are used.

During the last decade new whitening methods like zooming, air flow and laser polishing have been used with great success. These new methods do not harm the teeth. All these methods are professional applications and they are done in hospitals by specialized doctors using exclusive equipment. It is important to follow the procedure and be careful.

One of the most popular applications in our clinic is the zoom whitening method. This professional bleaching system which has many advantages was produced by dentists in the USA. Whitening is done with a special zoom gel. It is applied to the tooth surface and illuminated by a special laser system. The treatment gives teeth a clean appearance and makes them appear one or two shades whiter and brighter. This application which is very comfortable and painless does not take more than 1 hour. Our patients can listen to music and leave our clinic with a beautiful smile.

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