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Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)

Procedure Number of Visit Number of Appointment
Face Lift (Rhytidectomy) 7 Days 1
Procedure Time Anaesthetic Type Recovery Time
6 Hour(s) Full 1

How is Face Lift Performed?

Facelift is performed with different techniques according to the structure of everyone. Generally, the patient's needs are determined first. If the person has a surgical condition, people have a facelift by surgery. Facelift can be done separately.
But the face is completely a whole.
The procedure to be applied should be determined entirely accordingly. For facelift surgery, an incision is made in the front of the ear. Certain tissues and areas located here are intervened. Afterwards, these areas are pulled and the skin is made taut. After the procedure, aesthetic sutures are applied to the people.
The incision scar disappears completely after a certain period of time. Facelift procedures are performed to give people a better appearance.
According to the living standards of people, after a certain period of time, certain problems may occur on their faces. Especially in people under the age of fifty, face lift surgery is not performed.
Mostly, non-surgical and aesthetic interventions are performed in this group. However, surgery is generally recommended for people over the age of fifty.

Is Face Lift Possible Without Surgery?

With the widespread use of aesthetics, many surgical procedures have been made simpler.
Especially people who do not have excessive facial deformity cannot be intervened with surgery. In general, facial sagging occurs after the age of fifty. In such cases, surgery is preferred.
Apart from facelift surgery, people can perform facelift procedures in a shorter way by choosing methods such as botox or French straps. Botox can be applied to people after facelift surgery. After the surgery, doctors can rejuvenate the skin by applying chemical face masks.
Fillers can be applied to people around the mouth, lips and cheeks.

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