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Teeth Cleaning

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How To Clean Teeth

How is dental calculus cleaning done?

In this article, where we will seek an answer to the question, you can get detailed information about dental calculus cleaning. Generally speaking, gingival problems occur due to plaque accumulating both on and around the tooth.
The first thing to do in order to remove the formed plaque is to brush the teeth at least 2 times a day. However, brushing the teeth twice a day is often not enough and plaques called tartar form on or around the teeth.
One of the first points to be considered before calculus cleaning is to be aware of the presence of calculus. In other words, the person should be aware of the formation of plaque in his teeth and take an attempt to remove the plaque from the teeth as soon as possible. In such a case, how can we detect calculus in the first place? the question arises.

How is calculus detected?

The first thing you need to specify about calculus is to confuse the words "calculus" and "plaque". Because these terms have different meanings. Plaque is bacteria that occurs due to cavities and decays in the teeth. Tartar is saliva, stain, dirt,
It is defined as the accumulations that occur in situations such as food.
On the other hand, yellow or white spots that occur on the outside of the teeth are called tartar. Due to their very hard structure, they are generally removed by dentists.
When tartar is not treated, it causes bad breath and tooth staining. However, it is a very easy process to treat.

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